Category: Logos

Lu Yoga

Design a logo for a newly opened yoga studio that emphasises how yoga can bring peacefulness to your mind and body, rather than focussing on spirituality.

Striving to ensure the logo felt gentle and friendly, I based my concept around a sunrise, the time of day I most associate with peace and relaxation. I centred a reversed out silhouette of the client within a blended orange watercolour background, combining the elements to portray the relaxation customers can expect to feel with the client. This feeling of peacefulness is carried through to the text with a lightweight handwritten font.


Create a logo that strikes a balance between creativity and still looking technical that also includes some reference to hummingbird imagery.

I created a hummingbird out of a quotation mark, neatly tying together the name of the company with its business. Clean lines and simple block colours ensures the logo remains professional and strikes a balance between being creative and technical. I used a blue and green colour palette for a friendly first impression, while the sans-serif font further adds to a modern, less whimsical look appropriate to the precise nature of the business of copywriting.