Category: Events

Fresh State

Design classy gala event collateral for a fresh food wholesaler organisation that mirrors the Japanese theme of the food to be served.

My inspiration for this concept was cherry blossoms, a traditional Japanese flower that in Australia, blooms around the same time as this event. I continued this theme with a Japanese paper lantern in a matching pink set against a deep blue that resembles the night sky and water that are both central to traditional Japanese festivals. For the invitation and gift bag I opted for a simplified reverse concept with blue accents and individual cherry blossom branches.

Dear Dyslexic

Design all of the collateral for a gala ball, capturing the formality of the event whilst evoking the feelings of hope and inspiration from speakers with dyslexia sharing stories of their success.

I created a rich background of deep reds and pinks that resemble velvet combined in a pattern similar to blurred lights, reflecting the glamour of a gala ball. The gold handwritten font complements these colours while giving a traditional sense of grandeur to the title theme of the evening. In a tribute to the focus of the event, letters rise up from the Dear Dyslexic logo in jumbled swirl reminiscent of how most pieces of writing initially look with dyslexia.