Author: Madeleine

Fresh State

Design classy gala event collateral for a fresh food wholesaler organisation that mirrors the Japanese theme of the food to be served.

My inspiration for this concept was cherry blossoms, a traditional Japanese flower that in Australia, blooms around the same time as this event. I continued this theme with a Japanese paper lantern in a matching pink set against a deep blue that resembles the night sky and water that are both central to traditional Japanese festivals. For the invitation and gift bag I opted for a simplified reverse concept with blue accents and individual cherry blossom branches.

Dear Dyslexic

Design all of the collateral for a gala ball, capturing the formality of the event whilst evoking the feelings of hope and inspiration from speakers with dyslexia sharing stories of their success.

I created a rich background of deep reds and pinks that resemble velvet combined in a pattern similar to blurred lights, reflecting the glamour of a gala ball. The gold handwritten font complements these colours while giving a traditional sense of grandeur to the title theme of the evening. In a tribute to the focus of the event, letters rise up from the Dear Dyslexic logo in jumbled swirl reminiscent of how most pieces of writing initially look with dyslexia.

Sultan Turkish Delight

Design modern packaging design that can target western audiences and has a premium feel so customers can feel comfortable buying the Turkish Delights as a gift.

By customising and combining images I created bright colourful montages that emphasise the best characteristics of each flavour, from fresh orange to juicy pomegranate. The black ribbon readily contrasts with all of the background montages and effectively gift-wrapping the product whilst exuding a luxury, sophisticated feel. I then captured my own product shots of the Turkish delights to add the final touch to a premium design.

Mildura Chocolate Company

Create a range of packaging of various sizes with a high quality feel that appeals to a wide variety of customers “from Toorak to Mildura” and promotes what people with a disability can achieve.

I wanted to create packaging that felt like it was designed to last, so I selected a thicker gauge of cardboard to ensure a premium feel. Incorporating a generous window with chunky borders confidently shows off the product whilst avoiding a flimsy look.

I based the visual design around colourful artworks created by the chocolatiers to put them front and centre, helping to showcase everything they can achieve. This is subtly complemented by the charcoal together with gold and white text, creating a classic look with an extra touch of class added by the metallic ink and foil strip.

Huntington’s Victoria

Design an approachable and interactive website that can be a safe place for a community dealing with Huntington’s disease whilst providing information and generating awareness and donations.

To acknowledge the neurological nature of Huntington’s Disease, I used brain cells as a motif throughout the website and embedded subtle outlines of brain cells in all the banner images. The banner images themselves centre around family and community and are full width for a big impact.

I created multiple interactive features to enhance the user experience. The quick links light up and are traced by a neurone in their hover state. Meanwhile, the information page has a fully interactive brain that guides the viewer’s exploration of Huntington’s Disease without being confronted with too much information at once.


Design a website that many different stakeholders can easily navigate to find the information they need, as well as portraying the client’s mission of helping volunteers to revegetate the land.

I set the tone with a banner image of a freshly planted seedling representing the opportunity for rebirth offered by Tree Project. I built on this by using bright greens while the animated spade alludes to digging into the ground as you unearth the information below.

To help visitors find the information they need I de-cluttered the homepage to place more focus on the quick links that direct visitors to the right place, whilst generous white space is used throughout the rest of the site to ensure information is easy to read.

Lu Yoga

Design a logo for a newly opened yoga studio that emphasises how yoga can bring peacefulness to your mind and body, rather than focussing on spirituality.

Striving to ensure the logo felt gentle and friendly, I based my concept around a sunrise, the time of day I most associate with peace and relaxation. I centred a reversed out silhouette of the client within a blended orange watercolour background, combining the elements to portray the relaxation customers can expect to feel with the client. This feeling of peacefulness is carried through to the text with a lightweight handwritten font.


Create a logo that strikes a balance between creativity and still looking technical that also includes some reference to hummingbird imagery.

I created a hummingbird out of a quotation mark, neatly tying together the name of the company with its business. Clean lines and simple block colours ensures the logo remains professional and strikes a balance between being creative and technical. I used a blue and green colour palette for a friendly first impression, while the sans-serif font further adds to a modern, less whimsical look appropriate to the precise nature of the business of copywriting.


Create an annual report that projects the client’s progressive and playful side while maintaining a professional feel, which can be used to raise their profile and secure government funding.

To achieve a slick first impression and evoke the excitement of the circus, I set the cover image on a black background complemented with an explosion of red powder. I carried this aesthetic throughout the report with feature pages utilising the same style. Professionalism is balanced with a sense of fun through the addition of red rings for visual interest and round images, both of which allude to the hoops used by performers at the circus.


Design an annual report that portrays a theme of marrying nature and technology together. The document needed to be professional and approachable with something unique to grab attention.

To capture the reader’s attention, I designed a cover dominated by glowing circuitry emerging from a laptop in the form of a tree — recognising the marriage of technology and the environment. I complimented this with green seedlings sprouting from paved ground, symbolising the re-emergence of nature within the built environment. This contrast of vibrant green plants with concrete or man-made technology is carried throughout the report along with the circuitry motif, which is used as an accent to highlight the pull out boxes.